Get Secure is a specialised information security company which offers the following services:

  1. Network Security
  2. Information Security Consultancy
  3. Penetration Testing

Network Security

One of the most challenging tasks is to keep an enterprise network secure. Get Secure has years of experience in large and complicated enterprise networks and operates with leading vendors of the industry such as Check Point, Cisco, F5 and Fortinet.

Example projects we can help you with:

  • Firewall upgrade
  • Rulebase assessment and cleanup
  • Firewall/ADC performance enhancement
  • Migrating to different vendors
  • Integrating loadbalancing in the cloud


Most business do not have information security as their core business. However, nowadays it is vital to operate succesfully online. Get Secure can help with your information security questions, issues and challenges.

Common consultancy projects include:

  • Review network architecture
  • Position security products
  • Solutions for application delivery

Security Incident?

In case of a network breach, malware infection or other security incident it is important to act quickly and efficiently in order to limit the damage. Get Secure can help to get your business back online quickly and securely.

Penetration Testing

Everyone can start a vulnerability scanner, and while still useful, the results are often useless without thorough understanding of your application or service. Therefore, the approach of Get Secure is to understand your business application and the security measures it requires. Only then, a meaningfull security assessment can be performed. Contact us to see how we can help you.